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Berri Tennis Club

Monash Adventure Park Playground

Murray River

The Riverland provides many activities based around the wonderful Murray River. Take a relaxing cruise along the river or spend some time on a houseboat.

For the more adventurous you can enjoy water sports and great canoe / kayak trips. Our simple just enjoy the view at the riverfront from our many parks, clubs and restaurants.

There are many great Riverland towns along the Murray River with wonderful and friendly locals, happy to meet and help all tourists to the region.

Food & Wine

With numerous vineyards, the Riverland region boasts spectacular wine and food. Enjoy many of these at wineries, restaurants, clubs and bars in almost all Riverland towns. No matter what your tastes are, the Riverland provides many choices for going out to eat and drink.

Community Events

8am – 6pm
(1st September to 30th April)

8am – 5pm
(1st May to 31st August)