• 87 Riverview Drive - Berri SA 5343
  • 08 8582 3723

Guest Information

The Berri War Memorial Community Centre was formed in 1947 and is an important part of Berri’s growth. The Berri Riverside Holiday Park commenced operation in 1972 and is independently owned by the Berri War Memorial Community Centre Inc. The park has been set up as a living/working memorial to the local people who have served and are serving our country. All profits are put back into the development of the park, donated towards tourism facilities/promotion, and distributed to various groups and charities in the Berri district.

Office Hours
Open 7 days from 8am – 6pm 

 Check-out Time 10am 

Please return keys to office prior to departure. 

Please advise office if you are leaving before 7.30am.

Emergency Service
Pick up phone at the front office door & hold until we talk to you.
 Emergency   Procedure
**For non-emergency reports and enquiries, please phone 131 444.

The 2 amenity blocks are open 24 hours with an after hours code for access. See park map for location. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult and be supervised at all times. Please consider others when using these facilities by leaving them in a neat and tidy condition.

We look forward to welcoming you after 2pm on the day of your scheduled arrival.
Please advise reception during office hours if you are arriving after hours so arrangements can be made.
Failure to make arrangements may result in you not being able to access the park.

BBQ Areas
FREE BBQ areas provided in the park. Refer to park map for locations. Please leave area clean after use.

Boom Gate              
Access codes are issued and allow for only one vehicle per card to enter and exit. Do not tailgate other vehicles.

Bottles & Other Drink Containers
Bottles, cans and containers are to be deposited separately in receptacles provided. They are collected by the local Scouts as their fundraiser.

Business Services  
A small range of services are available at reception, such as fax, photocopying & postage stamps. WIFI internet is available in the town centre.

Camp Kitchen
There is a camp kitchen situated within the park for your convenience. Please leave it clean and remove all rubbish and personal items after your use. See park map for location.

Children under 12 years MUST be accompanied by parents/adults at all times when using park facilities including, amenities, playground, swimming pool & jumping pillow.

To ensure the enjoyment of all guests, please keep noise to a minimum, especially between 10pm and 7am. Loud or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated. Please report any disruptive behaviour to the office by phoning 8582 3723 or pick up the phone at the office front door – 24 hours. (All complaints will be treated in confidence). Failure to comply could result in the cancellation of your stay at the Park.

All rooms/sites must be vacated by 10am on the day of your departure. For security, please lock your cabin prior to checking out and return your key to the office.  If leaving cabin before reception opens at 7.30am, please return your key in the key slot on the wall on the wall of the reception entrance.  Early departures will not be entitled to a refund.

Deposit for Hire Equipment
Refundable deposits are required for the hire of equipment. Please see reception for more details.

Campers should wash dishes in the sinks provided in the camp kitchen or BBQ areas. Please do not use the laundry tubs to wash dishes.

Dump Point
See park map for location. Please use our dump point to discard of waste matter from porta loos, motor homes and caravan toilets. Please do not empty these in our amenity blocks or ensuites. Please leave clean after your use.

Emergency Procedures    
In the event of a fire or other emergency, Phone 000 Police, Ambulance or Fire. Ensure you advise staff, phone 8582 3723 or after hours, use phone located at office front door.  For non-emergency help, phone 131 444. On hearing the parks emergency evacuation siren, immediately make your cabin safe. Exit closing the door behind you and proceed, if safe, to your nearest emergency assembly area shown on the park map.

Fire Regulations
Campfires are not permitted. All caravan drawbars MUST face the roadway.

Wi-Fi wireless internet is available within the park. Please see reception for details.  Wi-Fi is also available at the Berri Public Library or in the main street (Vaughan Terrace).

Essential items available for purchase at reception include; ice, Swap & Go Gas, ice creams, washing powder, pegs and long life milk.

Laundry – Amenities Blocks
Washing machines and clothes dryers take $1 coins.  Irons, ironing boards and clothes lines are located at laundry blocks. Please do not erect temporary clothes lines at your site/accommodation.

Is allocated for most sites/accommodation (one car space per site/accommodation). Do not park on roadways. Boats and trailers will only be accepted on a site providing they fit. No visitor cars are allowed in the park without consent from management.

Payment for accommodation & sites is payable in advance. Early departures will not be entitled to a refund. Booking conditions apply.

Pets are not permitted inside or around park cabins at any time, for any reason.  Pets are not permitted in the amenities blocks, camp kitchen, BBQ areas or swimming pool. Acceptance of pets on powered & tent sites is at the Manager’s discretion.  Pets are welcome on ensuite sites (with grass) but are strictly forbidden to enter the ensuite facilities.  All pets must be registered at the office. A dog bond & rules apply. Failure to comply with these rules will result in eviction from the park.  The full pet policy is available upon request prior to booking.  The policy must be read and signed and a dog bond of $10 paid upon arrival.

Please retain the receipt issued to you on arrival. This validates your length of stay and any bonds/deposits that may be refundable on your departure.

See your receipt for details. Please be aware that we are unable to refund any monies for late arrivals, early departures or in the event of inclement weather.  For further details, please refer to our Booking Conditions under our ‘Rates’ link.

Riding in the Park          
Bicycles and scooters may only be ridden in the park during daylight hours and helmets must be worn at all times. No skateboards, ripstiks or similar are to be used in the park. Please do not ride around amenities blocks, office, park entrance, etc.

Rubbish/Dump Bins
Strategically located around the park. (See park map for location). Garbage must be wrapped or bagged before depositing in the green industrial bins provided. Please help the environment by separating the cans and bottles and placing them in the bins provided.

You may be on holidays, but thieves are not! Please lock up accommodation, vehicles, bikes, etc., especially at night. Management cannot accept responsibility for theft of personal possessions.

All shared areas, including; cabins, camp kitchen, BBQ areas, swimming pool, playgrounds, amenities blocks, etc are NO SMOKING zones. Please dispose of butts in the receptacles provided.

Speed limit
A maximum speed limit of 5kph (walking pace) is permitted throughout the Park. Please be aware of pedestrians, pedal carts and children on bikes.

Swimming Pools / Jumping Pillow
For park patrons only. Visitors are not allowed in the pools or on jumping pillow.Please observe all safety rules whilst using these facilities. Parents must ensure that children understand the rules. Failure to comply with safety rules will result in removal from the pool or pillow area. Towels are not supplied. Children under 12 years must be supervised by an adult.

All visitors must be registered on arrival. Guests are also responsible for their visitors’ behaviour. Any visitor that stays overnight must be registered prior to staying. (Fees apply). Visitors must vacate the park by 10pm. Cars are to be left in visitor car park (at front of park).
Visitors of our booked in Guests,  who will be using our facilities (Swimming pools, playground areas, jumping pillows, BBQ facilities, showers and toilet facilities) –  to please sign in at office and pay – $10 per Adult and $5 per child

Tap water is town filtered water.  Please help us to conserve our planets natural resources by conserving water. CAR/BOAT/CARAVAN WASHING; Please check with office before washing vehicles as water restrictions apply.

Wheelchair Access Bathroom/Baby’s Bath
Located in the south amenity block. (See park map for location.) Entry code is available from reception.

** Illegal drug use, excessive use of alcohol, acts of violence or abuse and unregistered vehicles are not allowed at any time.  Unlicensed drivers are prohibited from driving within the park.